MCI Public Relation awarded for Public Relation accountability


MCI Public Relation awarded for Public Relation accountability
In the 12th International Public Relations Symposium, the public relations office of MCI was awarded for accountability.   
According to MCI communications head office, on Wednesday November 16, 2016 distinguished public relation offices of Iran were introduced and awarded with special medals and statues in 12th International Public Relations Symposium and the 13th festival of Iran Public Relations. Members of the parliament, university faculty members, and public relations scholars attended in this event held in the conference center of National Library.
MCI public relations office was awarded in particular for its qualified accountability and responsiveness to the media and public and designing a responsive system based on modern technologies.
Dr. Masood Pezeshkyan, vice president of the Iranian Parliament, Dr Bart de Vries, president of International Public Relations Association (IPRA), Dr. Jason Mackenzie, faculty member of university of London, Dr. Maxim Bemar faculty member at the Sofia University, Dr. Stewart Bruce faculty member at the University of Leeds and Dr. Hooshmand Sefidi secretary of the 12th International Symposium of Public Relations made speech in this event.
Two workshops on “Public relations and change of behavior” and “Public relations and important changes in the contemporary world” were also held on Tuesday November 15th, 2016 with talks by 8 faculty members from Iran, UK, Bulgaria and Netherland. Public relations experts from Iranian companies and organizations attended in theses workshops to exchange recent skills and ideas on the contributions of public relations in improving organizational capabilities.


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