National financial management award goes to MCI


According to MCI communications head office, the 7th National Financial Management Award ceremony was held on Saturday February 25, 2017 attending by Dr. Abbas Akhondi, minister of road and urban development, Dr. Mohammad Ali Najafi, advisor to president in economic affairs, Dr. Mir Ali Ashraf Abdolah Pouri Hosseini, deputy minister of economic affairs and finance and head of privatization organization, as well as several members of Parliament, directors of companies and university faculty members, in Iran International Conference Center.
After evaluations by the committee of the referees, MCI was selected as the winner of the crystal trophy in the first year of participation in this competition.
Iran National Financial Management Award ceremony has been held annually since 2011. This competition has contributed to improvement and enhancement of financial management in national companies and organizations. Active and broad engagement of Iranian organizations in the award shows a considerable interest among them to take part in the process to be evaluated in terms of management performance and compete with other organizations and companies with similar area of activity.
The main objectives of the award include: to support professional financial management in order to realize its role in companies and organizations, to encourage companies to conduct self-evaluation and identify their strengths and weaknesses and the areas for improvement, to promote  professional competition among Iranian companies and organizations, to emphasize on the strategic aspect of financial management in organizations in order to achieve strategic goals, to introduce and appreciate successful companies and organizations in financial management and to enable sharing experiences for successful CFOs.   


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